G Adventures

'We change lives. And oh, we happen to do it by offering incredible tours. We believe travel can be the greatest form of wealth distribution the world has ever seen. As a small group tour expert for the last 30 years, we help travellers share themselves to make our planet better. Because if they're looking to travel with G Adventures, they’re the kind of person who’s open to seeing new places, trying new things, connecting with new people, and learning how different (and similar) we are all over the world. That’s our kind of person. Our tours are built around fostering shared experiences between travellers and everyone they meet along the way. Through a mix of awe-inspiring sights, unique moments, and meaningful local knowledge discovered with other international travellers, each adventure brings them closer to our world, its people, their culture, and their way of life. Our idea of community tourism: our tours, created in collaboration with local businesses and communities, directly benefit the people and places we visit. But it doesn’t stop there. The communities we impact extend beyond these destinations to our employees, supplier and agent partners, small business owners, and social followers, leading to our travellers getting a more enriching experience. Because the more we all share with the world, the more we all change for the better.

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