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 Established in 1972 and now in its 3rd generation, Cyplon Holidays has been providing quality holidays for over 40 years. With unrivalled knowledge of our destinations, you can rest assured that your holiday requirements will be taken care of by our award-winning team, who are now proud winners of 5 Travel bulletin Star awards and in recent years have been recognised as the UK's leading Specialist Operator of the Year at the Travel Trade Gazette Awards.

For the utmost in indulgence, class and quality, look no further than our fine luxury holidays. We have handpicked the most illustrious resorts in the region for our discerning clientele to ensure that they want for nothing during their holiday. From top-notch gastronomy to private secluded Mediterranean coves, our resorts and locations offer the first-rate specialist services and charm in abundance. Let the stress of everyday life melt away during a seaside retreat along the Aegean or Red Sea coast, letting the gentle breeze waft over you in the morning as you ponder what aspect of paradise you would like to enjoy and experience that afternoon.

There are certain countries in the world whose history, archaeology and culture span thousands of years and are so rich that simply visiting the country does not do it true justice. By taking a guided tour in these destinations, you are given a true understanding of the place you are visiting as well as its historical and cultural significance of what you behold. Greece, Israel and Jordan are such countries. Amongst these destinations you will find some of history’s greatest wonders and monuments from some of the greatest ancient civilisations that have shaped the world we live in today. Let our expert guides and carefully planned itineraries take you on a journey of true discovery, one that you will not forget.

Cyplon Holidays also feel our cruises are a fantastic way of experiencing our destinations. Whether it’s the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, Croatian islands in the Adriatic or the ancient wonders of Egypt spread along the banks of the River Nile, a cruise can be an enjoyable and stress free way of experiencing it all. You can take comfort on deck, surrounded by all the amenities that a hotel would have and enjoy your carefully crafted itinerary.

Overall Cyplon Holidays offer a slice of luxury in 14 countries; whether it’s island hopping in the Mediterranean or a luxury beach stay where the whole family can completely unwind we really do offer it all.


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