Indian Ocean

Thanks to their unique position between Africa, Asia and Australasia, the islands of the Indian Ocean are the epitome of paradise. Sun-kissed sands, crystalline waters, coral atolls and soaring peaks make up some of the most spectacular scenery found anywhere in the world and there is simply no better place to find yourself castaway.

Head here with the love of your life and maroon yourself on desert islands. Of course, this isn’t a Robinson Crusoe novel, so you’ll find yourself indulged with every luxury you could ever desire. From infinity pools on Bali rooftops, to private hot-tubs on the verandas of ocean bungalows in the Maldives and huge marble bathtubs overlooking the beaches of the Seychelles; no luxury is off limits in the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka has a history of British rule but that is where the similarities between the two countries end. Leave our sad summers behind in search of some Sri Lankan sun, turning your back on the drizzle in exchange for tropical beaches, historic tea plantations and near-perfect weather all year round. Elsewhere, equally charming Mauritius is known as much for its world-class resorts as it is for its reefs, lagoons and rainforest reserves.

When paradise lost sounds appealing, paradise found sums up a holiday in the Indian Ocean.