Far East

Immerse yourself in Asia and you’ll be shown vibrant cities, cultural towns and scenery that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Once they have been experienced, the sights, sounds and smells of a holiday to the Far East will never be forgotten. From desert island paradise to frenetic cities that don’t pause for breath, Asia and the Far East promises something for everyone.

Myanmar may have had a fraught past but its future looks brighter than ever. Head here now, whilst tourism is little more than a dot on the horizon and the experiences are as authentic as they will ever be. Time has seemingly stood still outside of the capital, Yangon, and drifting along the Irrawaddy River opens up a world of intrigue. Buy fruit at floating markets, watch children play outside stilted houses and make the pilgrimage to the gilded temples of Bagan.

If you prefer your Far East holidays to be based around the beach, Thailand will happily oblige. The ‘land of smiles’ has everything from bustling cities to virgin sand beaches, party hotspots and acres of uninhabited rainforest. Made famous by cult classic ‘The Beach’, Thailand’s sandy bays and limestone cliffs are unmistakable and picture-postcard perfect.

In Japan, the combination of ultra-modern innovation and traditions that have remained unchanged for thousands of years is captivating. Stand beneath the cherry blossom trees in the shadow of Mount Fuji on a visit to the ancient imperial city of Kyoto, or experience high-octane evenings and modern marvels in Japan’s capital city, Tokyo. You’ll wander between temples, shrines and enchanting geisha districts, all the while wondering why you never came here before.