Caribbean and Mexico

If you’re looking for heaven on earth, you’ll find it in the Caribbean, one of the world’s most loved holiday destinations. It isn’t hard to see why the Caribbean and Mexico is so popular, their coasts enticing serenity seekers from all four corners of the globe. The sands are powder-soft and talcum white, the seas are crystal clear and the hillsides are blanketed in rolling rainforests. With over 700 islands in the Caribbean region, there is plenty here to beckon you back year after year.

Tasting a slice of paradise is as easy as boarding a long-haul flight bound for exotic shores. Once you’re there, you’ll find bungalows over the ocean, exclusive luxury resorts and acres of unspoiled island. Cruising to the Caribbean and Mexico can take you to destinations beyond reach from the road or air too.

We understand how hard it is to venture beyond the beaches when they’re this beautiful, but there’s so much on offer if you do. Historic harbours and characterful towns await in the likes of Barbados, Antigua and Grenada, their locals as laidback and welcoming as the islands themselves. Stretch out on the exclusive shoreline of St Lucia or join the monkeys high in the leafy hillsides of Les Pitons. Catch a lime in Jamaican villages, swaying to a reggae beat after a little too much rum. Further along the coast, Mexico is a destination of many facades, from the party capital of Cancun to the reefs of Riviera Maya and the mythical sites of the Mayan people.

Wherever you venture in the Caribbean and Mexico, paradise is never far away.