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Group Travel

Holidays are even better when they’re spent with your favourite people. If you’re planning on heading away as a group, there are endless options available. From holiday villas that are perfect for large groups to all-inclusive resort with special rates on offer for group travel, the age-old adage of ‘the more the merrier’ has never been truer.

Gather the guys for a golfing holidays on the coastal courses of Spain and the Canary Islands, or get a group together to take to the slopes and hit the piste en masse. The likes of Courchevel and other popular ski resorts are well-versed in welcoming groups of mixed abilities, and après-ski is even better when there are more of you involved. Getting families together for group travel will mean you’re never short for a babysitter and you’re guaranteed a good time when you travel with a cast of colourful characters.

Of course, it’s important to strike the perfect balance between travelling together and getting some time alone when you holiday as a group, and we’ll help make sure that your accommodation has plenty of space for you to do both. With special rates often available on group travel, along with the chance to spread the cost of grand holiday villas over more heads, travelling as a group has the potential to be really great value too.