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Young and Lively

Young and lively holidays are all about lazy days by the pool and lively nights at the bar. The intoxicating blend of sun, sea and sand makes destinations such as Ibiza, Cyprus and Magaluf the places to be seen during the summer season, whilst adventures further afield take you to the exotic isles of Thailand or the beaches of Goa, where the scenery is almost as good as the cocktails.

Whether you’re celebrating the end of term with a summer spent partying or you’ve spent more time in the working world than you’d care to admit and are desperate for a break from the monotony of the 9 to 5, young and lively holidays promise all-out, unadulterated fun.

The beaches of Spain attract young and lively holidaymakers in their hoards each summer, all of them lured by beaches that are just as tempting as the bars. Temperatures might start to cool outside of peak season, but that doesn’t mean that the party has to stop; head to the Canary Islands for year-round sun or make like a spring breaker in Mexico; the party capital of the Pacific.

When it comes to choosing which young and lively holiday is the perfect one for you and your mates, all that really matters is that the beers are cold, the pool is blue and the partying never stops.