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I’m Kate & I will be your personal Travel Advisor.

I’m extremely bubbly and I’m very excited to start helping you all find your dream holidays! I have been cabin crew for British Airways for 3 years ,so I have had the privilege to travel all over the world. I have seen some amazing places and made the best memories! Just to name a few I’ve been to China, Australia, Singapore, Kenya and Argentina! 

My favourite places I’ve visited so far are South Africa as they have the best steak in the world! And the views are breathtaking!

Barcelona is one of my favourite cities in Europe. It is such a beautiful place and has something for everyone wether it be laying on a beach or exploring the city sites.

One of my most loved destinations is Las Vegas! I’ve been to over 20 times and still haven’t done everything out there! There is so much to do for all ages! you can just never get board! 

And cannot forget LA for Disneyland of course but also all those famous places like the Hollywood sign, walk of fame and the Chinese theatre! 

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